Marble Slabs Supplier in Canada
Marble Slabs Supplier in Canada

An insider guide on marbles by the leading Marble slabs suppliers

What is Marble?

Marble is a result of the transformation of sedimentary carbonate rocks through a natural geological process called metamorphosis. This process involves great pressure and temperatures over an extended period, which recrystallizes the minerals present in the rock, such as calcite, limestone, dolomite, and serpentine. The primary constituent of marble is calcium carbonate, and it also contains an acidic oxide, giving it a strong crystalline structure with slight porosity.

The metamorphism of a very pure limestone or dolomite protolith results in pure white marble. However, iron oxide impurities in the limestone can cause yellow, orange, pink, or red coloration. If clay minerals are present, it can lead to a gray hue that is often seen in bands. The presence of bituminous materials can make the marble dark gray to black. The swirls and veins in many colored marble varieties come from impurities such as clay, silt, sand, iron oxides, and chert that were originally present in the limestone. Green or green tinged marble is often due to serpentine that was created from a magnesium-rich limestone or dolomite with silica impurities. The intense pressure and heat of the metamorphism has mobilized and recrystallized these impurities.

What are Marble Slabs Used For?

Marble slabs are a highly sought-after choice for flooring and countertop in both residential and commercial spaces, due to their stunning appearance, extreme durability, and resistance to stains. However, marble slabs can be employed for a variety of other purposes. These various uses include-

  1. Buildings and Sculptures

2. Construction Aggregate

3. Brightener, Filler, Pigment,

4. Soil Treatment

5. Acid Neutralization

6. Supplements

7. Cemetery Markers.

  1. For Buildings and Sculptures

For centuries, marble has been a go-to material for sculptures and architecture. Its presence can be seen in many ancient buildings and monuments. Not only is it suitable for exterior decor, but it is also utilized for interior design. Furthermore, the marble’s translucency allows light to pass through it, generating a gentle radiance. Additionally, its luster makes it ideal for sculptures.

Marble is known for its sophisticated and stylish appearance, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces. It is often used in today’s construction and building industries for flooring, wall cladding, vanities and bathrooms, decoration, and more.

  1. As Construction Aggregate

Marble is proven to be more susceptible to cleaving than limestone due to the presence of calcite. Consequently, marble that has been crushed is typically utilized as construction aggregate and is used to fill, form the sub base, and create landscape stone in scenarios where its soundness and abrasion resistance is not major factor.

  1. As a Brighter, Filler, Pigment

Due to their white hue, certain marbles are utilized to make whiting powder, which is used as a pigment, filler, and whitener in paint, paper, and other products.

  1. For Soil Treatment

The kiln is used to heat certain marbles which results in calcium oxide, which is more commonly known as lime, being formed. This lime can be used in agricultural settings to lower soil acidity when combined with fertilizer. This combination can also boost the fertility of the soil, resulting in higher yields.

  1. For Acid Neutralization

Marble, composed largely of calcium carbonate, is an effective neutralizer of acids. It is often crushed into a powder with impurities removed in order to create a product that is used to treat acid indigestion. Additionally, powdered marble is used in water purification and as an acid-neutralizing agent in the chemical industry.

  1. In Supplements

Crushed marbles are soft, easily soluble, and rich in calcium. So, these are often used in dairy farms as calcium supplements for animal feeds produce animal supplements.

  1. Cemetery Marker

We all seen that marble slabs are often used as a tombstone and cemetery markers since they can be easily cut and engraved.

Types of Marble Slabs with their Details- By Marble Supplier

Imperial Surfaces is a well-known Natural stone Slabs Manufacturer and Exporter in USA and Canada has a wide range of natural stone – Marble countertops in varied design patterns and color shades. Our premium collection of marble is mentioned below:

  1. Fantasy Brown Marble Slab

Fantasy Brown Marble slabs feature an exquisite flowing pattern of pewter, apricot, and chestnut tones. This kind of marble slab is crafted from fine natural stones which gives it a distinctive and elegant flair. These marble slabs can be used to create stunning accent walls, floors, countertops bar tops, showers, stairs, interior wall panels, fountains, etc., and other interior features.

Fantasy Brown Marble slabs

2. Coral Black Marble Slab

Coral Black Marble slabs have a captivating aesthetic, with their dark and intricate designs. These slabs can be used for both interior and exterior decoration, providing an air of sophistication and versatility. It is a great choice for flooring, wall cladding, and countertops.

  1. Mystic Black Marble Slab

Mystic Black marble is a perfect choice for adding a touch of luxury to any space. It is ideal for bathroom vanity tops, flooring, fountains, pools, kitchen countertops, and walls in religious buildings, public offices, and upscale residences. Its striking black and white hues provide a timelessly elegant look.

Mystic Black marble

How to Maintain Marble used for Flooring?

  • Frequently remove dirt and grit from marble floor to protect it
  • Use soft and clean dust mop made of natural fiber like cotton, hemp, etc.
  • Surface should be treated with mild pH-neutral dish soap or specially formulated marble cleaner
  • Rinse and dry with clean, clear water after each washing
  • Only use brush attachments with vacuum cleaners, not plastic or metal
  • Immediately blot-up any spills, do not wipe
  • Flush with mild dish soap and water, wipe clean and dry with soft cloth
  • Use non-slip mats, area rugs, or runners in high-traffic areas and at entry points
  • Wipe feet properly before entry to keep small rocks and debris from scratching floor

Things to consider while purchasing Marble from Top Marble Supplier in USA and Canada

Following are the recommended steps to be followed while looking for the Top Marble Supplier in the USA and Canada

Step 1: Generate a list of marble stone suppliers or companies in the USA and Canada.

Gathering the necessary information and compiling a comprehensive list of marble suppliers in the area is the first step. This is beneficial to both retailers, who require wholesalers, and end-users, who need to source marble slabs for their home, office, or any infrastructure-related decor. Fortunately, the internet, and more specifically Google, makes it easy to find this data. All you need to do is enter the right search terms to get the right results.

Step 2: Select which type of supplier is most appropriate for your requirements.

Once you have the list of potential suppliers, the next step is to determine which one can best meet your needs in terms of quality marble slabs at an affordable price. For example, if you are a homeowner, you may want to consider a retailer or a contracting company. Alternatively, if you are in need of marble for interior design, an architect or designer may be the right choice. If you are a real estate company, you may want to consider a wholesaler. Once you have selected the kind of supplier, it is important to research them to ensure they offer the best quality product and customer service before making the final decision.

Step 3: Analyze the online presence of the chosen supplier.

After choosing the list of suppliers meeting your needs, the next step would be to check their Online presence and profiles and also check some points as mentioned below:

  • Availability of their contact page. Their contact information like their phone number and email address should be mentioned.
  • There should be a testimonial page revealing their clients’ experiences with their services.
  • Their ratings and how their clients or customers have reviewed them.
  • A thorough analysis is needed to find that the chosen supplier would meet your needs and expectations when it comes to the quality of products and services to be delivered.

Step 4: Examine the supplier’s business background.

If the supplier you are looking at is new to the market, it is beneficial to investigate the length of time their owners have been in the business, along with their work history. If you are short on time, accuracy, or professionalism, you might want to enlist the help of a professional to help you out with the research.

Step 5: Ascertain the services required from your supplier.

When dealing with your supplier, make sure to be aware of the services they can provide. Discuss the type of information they can give you that could help your needs. With their knowledge and experience in the industry, they will know the best stone or marble slab to use for your project. Ask questions about what you can get from them and what their prices entail. Check for any extra costs that may be added after the project is complete and inquire about rush processing or expedited delivery.

Step 6: Ask the necessary questions before entering into an agreement with your marble supplier.

  1. What is the supplier’s customer service policy? What is their Unique Selling Proposition? What are their tokens for gaining their customers’ credibility, in terms of after-sale service or any kind of warranty for their work?
  2. Do they provide any referral benefits for getting new customers to them?
  3. What is their course of action when there are some missed deadlines in terms of production or delivery?
  4. Are they going to manage another vendor of equal credibility, if they run short in the supply of materials?
  5. Do you have their work, product, or service catalog to make informed decisions about what style and finish would be best for your home or project?
  6. How seamless is getting a quote on custom orders or projects?
  7. How are they meeting deadlines when it comes to custom orders and how do they act if there are any delays?
  8. What will be the nature of customer service during production, shipping, and installation?

Where To Get The Best Marble From?

The obvious answer to the above query is Imperial Surfaces.

Imperial Surfaces is a renowned Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Natural Stones in USA and Canada with a variety of different shades, designs and textures. Their Marble slabs selection is unique and can make a considerable impact on the market. Speak to our team of experts now to get an estimate.

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